Top 3 most popular sports in 2021

Sport plays an essential role in the world today. Whether you are a child or an adult, almost everybody is interested in sport. Nevertheless, each person has his/her preferences concerning the types of sport that exist. What are the 3 most popular sports in 2021?


As you could have guessed, football also called soccer by Americans is the most popular sport in the world in 2021. With about 4 billion of fans, football is taking more and more place in people life. It has its origin in England but is present in every country on the earth today. It has been a sport for men for many decades but since few yews women also practice it. Nowadays, we have both women and men professional players of football. But men matches are more followed than the ones of women. The football industry produces billions of dollars every year. The biggest players of football like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are followed by millions of fans on their social media.


Also born in England but less popular than football, cricket is the second most popular sport in 2021. It is gaining more and more fans, almost 3 billion in the world. It is also practiced by both male and female players. The countries where it is very popular are old colonies of Great Britain. Cricket is also taking an important place on internet.


Basketball has been invented in United State by a Canadian named James W. Naismith. With more than 2 million of fans, it is the third most popular sport in the world in 2021. Its industry also produces billions of dollars per year and mainly in the US It is practiced in almost all the countries. However, it is more practiced in the US and Canada. The great stars of the game are Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. It is most dominated by men, but there are also female association of basketball

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